Human Rights Campaign, a national gay rights organization known for its distinctive logo consisting of a yellow "equal" symbol over a blue background.

Did you see the HRC sticker on that hot guy's car?
by Daniel S. Gonzales September 18, 2006
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1.To HRC = To lie shamelessly. From the Human Rights Campaign, a purported civil rights organization that continually sells out part of its own community.

2.A political strategy of disinformation and revisionist history.

3. To be motivated by greed and the lust for fame over any other considerations.
Joe Solmonese of HRC suporting a community's rights while fundraising before an organization; then a month later dumping the same people from a civil rights bill.
by April 5, 2009
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An interchangeable term which is translated into Huge Raunchy Cunt or Hillary Rodham Clinton (both of which are the same thing).
Wow, she was acting like an HRC.
by aipotiurf September 6, 2016
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Her Royal Cuntness; a screechy, annoying woman, especially one given to rants, lectures and assumed moral superiority.
"I see that your sister is off on another of her fits of social-justice indignation"

"Yeah, she can be a real HRC, at times"
by Legionayr November 18, 2016
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*gasp* hrC means hardcore. Hardcore can mean a variety of things... Genre of music, being tough, ect. Loook for HxC for more information
w0w u/2 50 hrC.... Uncoded: Wow ur so hrc/hardcore.
by [][[nichole]][] September 12, 2006
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