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HND stands for Hemorrhaging Neuter Dance.

It is a tribal dance involving the castration of oneself and then dancing about in agony, or glee - depending on which is felt.

The HND is amazingly cost effective, a great way to express yourself, and is certainly entertaining - but can be messy and sadly, can only be done once.
Francis: HND!
by MemeRuiner June 08, 2009
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HND stands for Horizontal Naked Dance on the website SparkLife. It is a euphemism for sex employed by both the site's paid bloggers and its users.
In this example, a SparkLife user is writing to the advice columnist Auntie Sparknotes for help.

LW: Auntie, I want to do the HND with my boyfriend but I don't want to get pregnant.
Auntie: When you decide to HND, it's important to use protection! Here are some HND-safety resources.
by nobody8888 June 27, 2011
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Horizontal Naked Dance. Code word for sex.
Sparknotes is a popular website that calls sex the HND in order to stay user-friendly with their younger users.
by Stella959 June 27, 2011
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HND is a commonly used abbreviation for 'Have A Nice Day'.This usage is much popular In chartrooms and social networking websites.
-hey,U going???
-Yaa,got to go buddy
Take care
by Genious Devil September 10, 2008
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HND stands for Happy New Day.

It is a celebration of the passing of 11:59pm into the next day. Often, races occur in which the first person to notice the passing into the new day and say HND, are the winner.

A common misinterpretation is that of the Hemorrhaging Neuter Dance, a farcical celebration made up for the purpose of filling the acronym HND.

HND originated in the late-night conversations between high school students.
< time= 00:00 >
A: You too.
K: Damn, you beat me again!
by Corexiun. June 19, 2009
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