Hit me up mostly seen on Snapchat or Instagram. Normally people say this when their bored and they need to talk to someone. If you see DHMU don't talk to then because their either busy or their not happy
by That.one.person August 24, 2017
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Hey what's up, can you hmu? I need to tie my shoe.
by UnicornLover238 September 17, 2010
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1. Hide My Underpants/Underwear

2. Hold My Unicorn
3. How's My Underdog
4. Hit Me Up
1. Someone HMU quick!
2. Hold up and HMU
3. HMU?

4. HMU in 30 minutes and I'll send nudes
by Pundertale November 12, 2016
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It is abbreviation for "Hit Me Up".

It means that you want that somebody calls you or texts you an SMS.

Also, this was the most popular Facebook status in 2010. year - 1,600 statuses a day had "hmu" inside of them.
by Mr. Fancyhead January 15, 2011
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