Stands for Hit Me Up.
This word means "i'm bored so you should talk/chill with me".
A word generally used by fuckboys that have no purpose in life other than to convince a perfectly ordinary girl into sleeping with him.
Fuckboy: I'm bored bby, hmu
Girl: no stfu
by inclusivelilbish December 03, 2015
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Hit me up mostly seen on Snapchat or Instagram. Normally people say this when their bored and they need to talk to someone. If you see DHMU don't talk to then because their either busy or their not happy
by That.one.person August 24, 2017
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H.m.u is short for "Hit me up" otherwise, "I've got nothing to do you should invite me to do something with you"
by Alexaa13 November 08, 2010
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