Dont Hit Me Up

When someone doesnt want anyone to call them or text them they say it
Chillin, in a really bad mood... DHMU

Havin fun with all my friends so dhmu
by nZyATF February 20, 2011
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A sad bitch who wants attention.

Dhmu= people text me, ask me what’s wrong, talk to meeeee. I want people to know I’m sadddd. You can easily ignore people, or turn of your phone.
by Youlovemetoo September 20, 2018
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Dhmu (don’t hit me up) is a phrase used on snapchat. It is used to say “don’t text me or dm me or contact in any way.” People put on their snapchat story “dhmu” to express they are sad, or don’t feel like talking. sometimes but not all the time, dhmu is used for attention so people ask them what’s wrong.
Person 1: “Hey are they ok?”
Person 2: “they put dhmu on their story, leave them alone for now.”
by glitterlipbalm August 31, 2019
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some teens or preteens use it in a way of saying im in a relationship all ma hoes can stop trying to hit me up .
taken dhmu 🥵
by big mamas 😂🥵 February 20, 2019
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Don't hit me up, don't talk to me/text me
A variation from hmu (hit me up)
"Bro, plz dhmu right now, I'm in a bad mood
by oscxr January 10, 2019
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Used by 6th-8th graders who are fake depressed. Usually harmless and mainly used by thots and fuckboys.
Fake depressed kid: Streaks dhmu only real ones know
Me: Why are you depressed?
Fake depressed kid: My mom won't take me to Chuck E. Cheese
by Thas_On_Jah September 1, 2019
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depressed 7th graders use this term to get attention because they are fed broccoli and cheese at home 😔😔 forced to break up with there gf because they have no jawline😔😔
“streaks dhmu rlly depressed😭😭😭”
by blondebitchbarbiehoe August 12, 2019
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