This in Spanish is Hijo De Su Puta Madre which means I love you no matter what
For example say it to your Latina girlfriend or her mom as a compliment and trust me they will love you. Like I said Hijo De Su Puta Madre means I Love You in Spanish.
by IAtePoopLastNight101 August 13, 2020
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The same as hijo de puta but on a grand scale
Gringo: "Yo Quiero Taco Bell!!!"

Latino: " Mira este Hijo De La Gran Puta, Malparido!!!"
by Jim_mofo_Jones October 12, 2009
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“Son of the Grandest Bitch” (Direct Translation)

Meant to be “Son of a Bitch” but said with such passion, “Son of a Bitch” doesn’t suffice when saying it in Spanish, so, Latinos add the “Grand or Gran!”
Curse phrase used either for something minor or major. Latinos use the same terms, no matter the severity of a situation.
(Get a papercut) Shout: “¡Hijo de la Gran Puta!”
(Car Accident) Shouting to the other car: “Hijo de la Gran Puta,” you just hit my car.

(Baby Sitting someone’s devil child) Whisper to self: “Que Hijo de la Gran Puta.”
by LawdHelpMe December 16, 2018
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