Me «Do you have a boyfriend
Her «No, I’m staying singel for hgs»
by ingrizzzz July 7, 2020
"HG" can be used as a term in the makeup world, and stands for "Holy Grail". It basically means that the product being
discussed is someone's absolute favorite, something they swear by, and a perfect find.
This new Maybelline mascara is my HG! I've used plenty of others before it, but this one is the best!
by AikoNoble March 24, 2009
Erin said, "I can't talk right now I'm doing hot girl shit." She then proceeded to eat ice-cream and cry herself to sleep.

Hgs which is defined as hot girl shit is more often than not used to describe actions that are indeed not hot girl shit.
by ItsErinBitch December 12, 2020
That's my hg Yvette.
by sum person January 9, 2004
meanshomegirladd an “s” and it means “homegirls”
by vinarae March 25, 2020
HGS - Hot Girl Syndrome.

When a bunch of guys suddenly become interested with one girl all at once. The said "hot" girl loves the attention and starts to take her new status for granted.
When a girl becomes really self obsessed and sometimes mean because a couple of guys seem to think shes hot she can be classified as having HGS.
by tinsley vernon April 23, 2008