High Expectation Asian Father.

The concept of having super strict asian parents who only care about sending you to Harvard.

Not studying tonight? No rice for you.
Will you go to prom with me?

I'd love to... but my HEAF won't let me talk to the opposite sex until I'm in medical school. Bye.
by skippppy June 28, 2010
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Heafing is a sophisticated form of digital media bullshitting for the 21st century.

It is typified by the liberal smattering of phrases into sentences such as 'media ecology', 'suite of tools', 'curated content', 'bespoke network' and 'intersection of technology' in order to create the facade of all-knowingness.

Heafers have an over-inflated opinion of their own importance and tend to dress like teenagers well into their 30s.
Do we have to sit here and listen to this dude heafing any longer, noone gives a shit. Let's go outside and get a life.
by The Geek Assassinator January 15, 2009
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When punched specifically by an Indian in the stomach this is the noise that is made.
I got punched by an Indian guy named Dylan and said "Heaf" out of pain
by Heafer June 15, 2021
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Scottish slang. To haul, or carry. Also can mean to throw something heavy or cumbersome with your full body.
Pronounced "heef. "
I heafed a whole sack of flour up those stairs!
I've got to heaf this lot into the skip.
That fool tried to tackle me so I grabbed him by the waist and heafed him off to the side.
by LancerUD July 16, 2021
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Hey heaf!
Hey heaf!
by John Doe July 14, 2004
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its related to weed and other cannabis culture things
Guy 1: dam man u got dat heaf?
Guy 2: hell yea man smoke dat shit on the regs (no pun intended)
by Dr. Faggotballs September 7, 2013
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Someone or something that is terrible, specifically reffering to females with blond hair named Kelley but not exclusive to only those named Kelley.
WOW you just Poop Heafed that game winning field goal that missed by a mile.

You are a complete Poop Heaf for lying to me
by TheReal WolfPack November 13, 2011
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