This is often used in advertisements by "ladies of the night". It stands for "half sex". It means that she does not do "everything" -does everything but intercourse
It was a real bummer when I read her advertisement and it only said "h/s”. I was looking for the whole thing...
by Panchoman Jr. July 29, 2007
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The standard array of questions to be asked of a guy when he tells he has a new female friend.

Is she Hot?

Is she Single?

Did you get in her Pants yet?
Guy 1: It's a really cute girl in my journalism class.

Guy 2: H/S/P?

Guy 1: Huh?

Guy 2: Is that a no?
by Gabe Q February 3, 2011
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It is when people add "random 'h's" at the end of words while on AIM.
yeauhhh - 3 random "h"s at the end

by Asheleyyy April 27, 2008
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H/s means hair style mainly used in fan fiction (romance mostly)
His new h/s and h/c ( hair color) matched him very well
by DoodleArtz January 10, 2017
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Often referred to a asshole person, kid who doesn’t listen, or mean individuals for no reason. Extremely common disease in today’s society. Ex: “My nephew never listens, talks back all the time. Kid def has DHS
“Do you know people who never like and follow your page? They all have DHS”
D•H•S Syndrome
Noun/ Vulgar slang SLANG
a person who doesn’t listen, angry all the time, treats people like shit, most of society has symptoms. Look within.
by Dick Head Syndrome February 6, 2021
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As I paid the s&h I wondered why this bullshit wasn't already defined on ud. seriously???
by eatmyplis August 5, 2013
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