Something you say to someone who has just arrive and is suddenly leaving.

Stands for "Hi and Goodbye" from the Tom Hanks/Meg Ryan movie "Sleepless in Seattle."
"H and G."


"Hi and goodbye..."
by Joshiro007 March 10, 2003
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Short for Prostitute with a Heart of Gold. Originating from the movie 'Paris - When It Sizzles' starring Audrey Hepburn and William Holden.
Guy #1: "That girl is a sket!"
Guy #2: "Yeah, kinda, but she's a P with a H of G!"
by Becca_29 July 20, 2008
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(1866-1946) British writer best known for his science fiction novels, such as "The Time Machine", "The Invisible Man", and "The War of the Worlds". The latter book inspired two movie renditions (1953, 2005), and Orson Welles' famed 1938 radio broadcast, which panicked many listeners, who thought they were listening to news reports of an actual Martian invasion of New Jersey. Wells, who studied with the great British biologist T.H. Huxley, was also an accomplished popularizer of science.
In "The War of the Worlds", H.G. Wells foresaw many of the horrors and technologies of the First World War, such as poison gas, flamethrowers, and armored vehicles.
by Slipperyback August 5, 2005
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A "C i h u a h a g h g f e" is an insult to a short and annoying person in your friend group or someone you know!
"You are a C i h u a h a g h g f e !!"
by Nomnomnomowo December 3, 2020
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The creator of the 1938 radio adaptation of Orsen Well's book War of the Worlds. The broadcast was incredibly realistic and scared more than a few people into commiting suicide as not to be taken by the invading aliens.
by loucks July 5, 2005
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Comrade what are you waiting for the T H E G R E A T T R I A L awaits
by Dmitry Yazov April 14, 2021
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