A type of handjob that takes about two hours to complete properly. It involves getting the man near climax and then letting him pace himself which is done several times according to the mans orgasm rate. If done correctly the man will explode cum like a bomb, the cum will be so much that it will cover the person top to bottom.
That H-Bomb I gave Bill last nite left me with no dry clothes.
by BHM123 November 30, 2009
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Holley V.S.M.D./ Nacho average kid!
Guy 1:Did you hear about that kid who got run over by his mom? Guy 2: Yeah... good news is the H-Bomb was working in the ER at the time.
Guy 1:Dam that kid's lucky, the H-bomb is a miracle worker!
Guy 2:H Bomb
by Jonathan Woodabin January 29, 2008
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1. The hydrogen bomb (DUH!)
2. The offensive social label "hipster" - not to be used around anyone who

-your black-and-white brain labels a 'hipster'
-has good style, making you jealous, would get photographed by a style publication if it was in the vicinity
-aspires to be a hipster!
-understands but rejects hipster culture

"the first rule of hipsterdom is: don't talk about hipsterdom" --anonymous hipster who looks like brad pitt but also knows what the fuck he's talking about
"Ugh fucking hipster. cigs are gross"
"Don't drop the H-bomb when we're in this bar, I'm still tryna get laid by this guy in the APCs! also shh i love cigs"

Newcomer: "You look hip"
BFF1: "haha yeah, thanks I guess, I love this skirt, I got it last summer from opening ceremony"
BFF2: "don't drop the H-bomb around her, she gets really defensive -- she's sick of being lumped into it at Brown"
by ktBbb June 19, 2011
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a spliff with only tobacco at the beginning, the rest being purely marijuana.
That a-bomb we smoked earlier is a firecracker compared to this h-bomb we're about to smoke.
by AdventrureCrew June 3, 2010
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When you or your friend go into a group chat or someone's Dm's and spam Hentai
Jeremy's being a bitch, give him an H-bomb
by HotStickyPillow February 21, 2018
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