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1. The hydrogen bomb (DUH!)
2. The offensive social label "hipster" - not to be used around anyone who

-your black-and-white brain labels a 'hipster'
-has good style, making you jealous, would get photographed by a style publication if it was in the vicinity
-aspires to be a hipster!
-understands but rejects hipster culture

"the first rule of hipsterdom is: don't talk about hipsterdom" --anonymous hipster who looks like brad pitt but also knows what the fuck he's talking about
"Ugh fucking hipster. cigs are gross"
"Don't drop the H-bomb when we're in this bar, I'm still tryna get laid by this guy in the APCs! also shh i love cigs"

Newcomer: "You look hip"
BFF1: "haha yeah, thanks I guess, I love this skirt, I got it last summer from opening ceremony"
BFF2: "don't drop the H-bomb around her, she gets really defensive -- she's sick of being lumped into it at Brown"
by ktBbb June 19, 2011
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