Carrying a suitcase around and calling yourself a gypsy doesn't make you a gypsy any more than wearing a fin on top of your head makes you a shark. It really just makes you a pretentious poser.
The girl thought that she was a gypsy and this and that, and that she was disarming people she never met and couldn't see, but in reality she was a dork that wanted to go around like she owned the place, and make herself look and sound scarier than she actually was in the process.
by Solid Mantis May 18, 2021
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One of the best Fleetwood Mac songs ever made!
"Hey did you hear that song Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac"
"Yeah man, it's awesome!"
by Clabear May 20, 2018
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If u see a gypsy, then you know you are in Romania
Mama, ce tigan, da'l dracului can nimic nu stie decat sa fure!
I think I just saw a gypsy, what're they doing there? Stealing from nibbas?
by your crush is already taken bi February 01, 2019
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A member of a traveling/nomadic people of Indian descent , traditionally living by itinerant trade and fortune telling. They are non-indigenous minoritary communities in Europe , mostly in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. Since it was erroneously considered a "racial slur" (due to the fact that many Gypsies tend to be shady individuals(not everyone though) and many of their deeds and conducts may underline that rather stereotypical statement with ease , and thus , their classic designation becomes a negative word) , the word "Gypsy" started to be replaced with "Romani" , a word which has little to no correspondence with them , but it is still used as an alternative nonetheless.

(oh and STOP ASSOCIATING THEM with Romanians , pls)
That Gypsy is a good guy , but his music taste sucks , mate.
by Luca I. January 10, 2019
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Non-racial definition: a group of people who travel from place to place, generally causing a ruckus and fleeing the scene. Kids are often worse than the adults, very charismatic but absolute devils. Will rob you blind without hesitation. Adults get shit-faced, children will too, but off of other people's booze. Common traits are throwing pennies, paying in large bills (yes, even the kids) but never by card, and wearing flashy expensive clothes to get attention. Gypsies are unnervingly charming. Many gypsies look identical and have a lot of kids, all of which try too hard to look innocent. If in public, all will abuse staff by verbal, physical assault, and trashing the place they are visiting. (Eg: intentionally jamming coins in the bill slots in vending machines/atms, clogging toilets and sinks, leaving food everywhere, breaking bottles/glasses, spilling drinks, etc.)

If you see this group, expect trouble.
"Keep an eye on those kids, they're gypsies."

1: "Damn that chick/dude was hot, did you see their smile?"
2: "Careful, he/she's a gypsy."

A: "Hey who are all those rich people?"
B: "Gypsies."
A: "Oh shit."
by nationalgumball October 04, 2020
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