Gyaru is a subculture in Japanese fashion breaking the norm of beauty standards. In Japan, the beauty standard is to be completely pale with dark hair and a petite body all around. The normality had become so strong that young women and girls who were different had felt as though they stuck out — so, gyaru style became popular! Gyaru style may include a harsh tan, blonde hair / wigs, heavy, bright makeup, lots of jewelry, and revealing or gendered clothing.

Gyaru came from the translation from english to Japanese of 'gal'. The style revolves around girliness and femininity, though it is not typically a feminist movement... Just a style!
"Sherry, have you seen the gyaru makeover show yet? It was so cool!" Mali nearly melted in interest as her friend stared in interest.

"Nope... Not yet. I'm still on season three of American Horror Story... That sounds good though! That culture is so cute." She sighed.
by MooniLikesGrammar June 10, 2022
its japanese slag for gal. there are many different types of gyaru and they all have they're own distinct awesome fashions! its pretty much a japanese subculture. love fashion? you should look them up. you can learn stuff.
kaoru watanabe is one of the worlds greatest gyaru!
by Kyanii August 19, 2008
Gyaru-oh is a male version of a gyaru. Gyaru is a Japanese transliteration of the English slang word 'gal' ("girl") used to define a fashion subculture in Japan. ... This decline has been referred to as a strategy of the magazine organizations, over-exaggeration of the fashion, western media or even government policies.
Person 1: oh look this dude looks like a gyaru
Person 2: you mean gyaru-oh?
by Asian pizza November 29, 2020
a person who is lost, funny and a person who likes meat
that man is a lost gyaru he likes meat and cabbages
by ticker1010 November 4, 2020