A loving, handsome, and weird (in a good way)man with lots of talent. This amazing person can make you feel like you're in heaven. He's sweet and sexy en he's going to spend the rest of his life with this girl named Marlou.
Look at that amazing boy/man! He's probably called Guy
by Hdjsk January 07, 2014
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Guys, lets go watch football and fantasize about the cheerleaders!!
by ggcc =) October 24, 2009
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1. (pronoun): A reference term to a male, similar to man, dude, or bloke.

2. (pronoun): A womanizer that is ten times cooler then you could ever hope to be, and can make love to your girlfriend and talk you out of doing what he just did, and will make love to your girlfriend, and talk you out of doing what he just did.

3. (adjective): Extremely cool, radical, amazing.
1. That guy is an alright guy.

2. Do you see Mick over there lying naked in bed with Tony's girlfriend and Darek's Mom? He is the fucking GUY!

3. Did you hear that? That guitar solo Aaron just played was fucking GUY!
by slickmick78 March 25, 2009
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Extremely intelligent,loves to read, has a wild imagination and is a total chick magnet. Stays up late to talk to the people they care about and speak with friends. Knows what to do with a women and has a sexual thought every 10 seconds. Will give up their time to help others who are in need. Has a way with words that wins over your heart and loves to write. They always talk to you no matter where they are and is always there to help or be a shoulder to cry on. They will help you through sickness and love you when in health. The best person you could ever dream of and more. If you have a Guy in your life you are very very lucky.
Guy is an amazing boy.
by Atra123 February 03, 2014
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