Girl Under You ; a girl that wants to be on the bottom or underneath during intercourse.
I want to be that G.U.Y
She wants to be the G.U.Y
by Sxyaka June 02, 2018
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A common word that is used for men and any object. Usually used for objects when the proper term is forgotten; in this case, can be replaced by thing-a-ma-jig, doo-hickey, thing-a-ma-bob, or what-cha-ma-call-it. Used by people lacking in intelligence like my friends and me.
"Guy, hand me that guy."
"Did you get the guy at the store today?"
"Guy your guy with a guy, guy."
"That guy is following me. I should guy him in the guy."
by Guyguyguyguyguy November 13, 2006
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Girl underneath you
I wanna be your G.U.Y.
by SophiaBlack November 26, 2017
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Can be used for basically anybody. Is used when saying hello, asking someone to do something, or to tell someone to calm down.
ex: 1. "Hey guy, how's it going?"

2. "Would you be a guy and go grab me a beer?"

3. "Woah, easy there guy, you need to relax."
by red mon September 08, 2014
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-When that broad texted me I straight up said guys!
-Her tits were so nice I just said guys.
-When Rupi and his boys showed up to the crib looking woke AF we all said guys.
-When I saw my boys at the club everyone just said straight up guys.
by GerthPaul December 03, 2020
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1. A really good brand of potato chips.

2. Male hu-mans

3. What Cal calls people when he can't remember their name.
1. Don't forget the Guys!

2. Guys are just gurls with penises.

3. Hey guy!
by Yobastank August 11, 2004
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Jerks. A group of people who say something one day, and do the comlete opposite the next. Always changing their mind, and cant decide who they want. Likes to mess with girls hearts and walk away having no idea how much they hurt them. Once in a while you can find that special one though who opens up the world, is a gentleman. Can be your bestfriend or the person that makes you cry everynight. Guys=hurt/pain/laughter/love
Your ex-boyfriend. That one that led you on. That jerk in your english class. Your current boyfriend. Those guys over there.
by hurtingandheartbroken June 26, 2010
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