The act of putting your testicles into your partner's anus.
Jay followed up a bad night of bowling by performing the gutter ball on his girl.
by NoMeansYes69 May 21, 2008
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When one goes to wipe their ass and they accidentally get some poop on their hand instead of the toilet paper. Typically happens when there is a shortage of toilet paper or after a spray deuce attack when there is poop on the butt cheeks.
The last time little Johnny tried to wipe with one square he threw a Gutter Ball and now he needs to see a psychologist every Tuesday at 2:15pm instead of going to Arts & Crafts with the rest of his peers.
by CrocodileNorm August 23, 2011
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Placing your thumb in a man's ass and cupping/ fondling his balls with your 4 fingers
Jared gutter balled me to start while I was bent over the desk.
by sorcerer May 7, 2009
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When you slide on your knees naked and erect on a slip and slide only to come to an abrupt stop at the end and fall forward letting your cock slide into a conveniently placed asshole
That pool party was pretty fun especially once Sarah got drunk and frisky and let us take turns giving her a Gutter ball on the slip and slide!
by theslipperiest September 25, 2018
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Dirty, dirty balls resulting from over-use. Used in reference to a promiscuous man, who has been so licentious and indiscriminating in his ladies that one might say he has ‘dragged his balls through the gutter’.
"Ew! He is so disgusting! I would NEVER touch his gutter balls...god only knows what I'd catch!"
by Chloe le Bush August 28, 2006
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When you tittie F a chick with a wide spread gap between her breats. Hence the name gutter (wide spread), Ball (nuts in between).
I got so drunk, I gutter balled some grandma last night...
by DMasSC November 3, 2007
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The act of inserting both balls into a females asshole, then taking them out and having her lick them clean, tea bag style.
She loves it when I feed her my dirty gutter balls!
by newarmy January 25, 2008
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