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The sound a woman makes after performing fellatio and then gargling and forming cum-bubbles with the resultant discharge
Belandra gurbled my baby juice for so long I thought her mouth was going to give birth.
by Dragonwolf November 08, 2018
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The noise someone makes with a penis in their mouth. Can be used to jokingly refer to performing oral sex
I met this sexy ass girl the other night" "Does she gurble?
by DJ Lil Beaver October 19, 2010
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To make odd, gurgling noises with one's anus. Usually followed by the checking and/or replacing of the undergarments.

Originating from the border of Guacamole Potato Chips.
Dude, why do you keep gurbling?!!
by Jimmy Abestruz October 09, 2004
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The piece of skin under the chin. Ex: frog, human, bearded dragon
The gurble of the bearded dragon is very long.
by Riley Wach January 06, 2018
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Someone acting depressed but for attention and romanticising it.

Also can mean someone faking mental illnesses or just being an insensitive douche when it comes to mental health.
"Oh man, she's such a gurble. Did you see what she posted on her instagram story?"
"Yeah I did, she's totally faking it"
by Benissad June 21, 2018
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