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A Massive Multiplayer game, involving you or someone beating the shit out of people online.

General Info:
-Wide variety of weapons:
-Daggers, Swords, Kodachis, Big Swords
-Pistols, Revs, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Uzis, Rocket Launcher,Sniper, Grenade, Smoke Grenade, Flash Bang
- Ammo Kit, Medkit, AP Kit, Elemental sword enchantments
- Styles:
-Dagger Style: The use of a dagger with revs, shotties, or pistols.
-Korean Style: using allowable glitches to your advantage to stop the animations of the character short of other animations.
-Euro Style: Running for your fucking life spraying the hell out of people.
Him: Hey
Her: Hey whats up?
Him: Nothing much just logging into Gunz.
Her: Oh Gunz Online?
HIm: Yeah...O.o You've heard of it?
Her: I play it.. Level?
Him: /proudly I'm a level 59. You? 35?
Her: I'm level 83 with donater items...
Him has signed off.
Her: ?? Was it something I said?
by Kurai[Original] January 31, 2008

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