A girl who removes her false teeth before blowing you to due away with
any potential for teeth scrapage.
by Will, Dan, Emily @ the CC April 1, 2003
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When a street whore with no teeth sucks your penis with her dentures out.
Hey sexy, how much for a gum job?
by bigchungus69420 August 15, 2021
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When a toothless hag fellates you pleasuring your member with her gums
That toothless old slapper sucks like a champ, she gave me the best Gum job ever last night for a pack of cuppa soup
by Colonel Hassle July 27, 2019
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A blowjob from an old lady who has no teeth. The lack of teeth makes the experience awesome, however the incident is too embarrassing to tell your squad.
The granny gum jobs from old lady Jenkins was probably more erotic than anything I've ever had.
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When your granny takes out er TEETH! (dentures) and gives a young man with a cock a blow job. AKA grammy gum job.
old lady walks into my room and she gets horny and pulls her dentures out and un-zipz my pants and starts deep throatin' and swallowing my cum. boys and girls, that's what a GRAMMY GUM JOB is!
by JR. MCLOVIN' June 9, 2010
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