A disease related to Ligma (balls), Sugma (balls), Bofa (deez nutz), Sugondese (nutz), Rhydon (this dick), Saw-Con (my balls), and Wilma (balls fit in your mouth). The word sounds like gulping.
Person 1: Who is your favorite Pokemon?
Person 2: Gulpin...
Person 1: Gulpin?
Person 2: Gulpin deez nutz!
Person 1: DX
by NicotinamideAdenineDinucleotid December 20, 2018
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The god of all Pokémon.

It is stronger than Mewtwo, rarer than Celebi, has a better singing voice than Jigglypuff, and is more loved than Pikachu.

Gulpin brings joy and monster trucks to all the Pokédorks, and whosoever believes in it shall not perish, but go to the great Pokémon daycare in the sky to do epic Pokémon battle amongst each other for all eternity.
Trainer 1: Mewtwo, go!

Trainer 2: I choose Gulpin!

Trainer 1: Oh, shit! Not Gulpin! I give up!

*Trainer 2 is victorious!*
by pokétard April 03, 2007
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