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A disease related to sugma,Ligma,Sawcon, And Bofa which also happens to sound like “Ride on”

This refers to a disease that you can get from being on the internet to long

It’s also a Pokémon
Fortnite 9 year old: Hey, Dad I got Rhydon
Dad: What’s Rhydon?
Fortnite 9 year old: Rhydon Deez Nuts!
Dad: That’s also what your mother did to me last night

Fortnite 9 year old: ...
by BrandNewWhipGotNoKeys October 20, 2018
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Another dangerous disease related to ligma

Sounds like "Ride on"
Person 1: Dude, the doctor says I have rhydon
Person 2: what's rhydon?
Person 1: Rhydon these nuts lmao
by PepperoniMan August 04, 2018
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