Hell or "popp'n". The opposite of anything fair, fun, or somewhat enjoyable. Home of flaming gay administration and other random assholes.
Gulf High is a living HELL./Gulf High is popp'n!
by D.L.W November 15, 2007
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basically, everyone thinks acting ghetto is a personality trait even though they just look stupid. everyone writes on the stalls in the bathroom and there is a fight about once a week.
girl: hey, how’s it like at gulf high school?
guy: well it smells like shit everyday and our football team is ass.
by xthiccomode December 08, 2020
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The school is defined as absolute trash
It’s located in New Port Richey

Is there anything else to say? If you go there you know it’s true what can I say 🤷🏻 ♀️
Girl: How is it like to be at Gulf High School?

Boy: well you can use ur juul in the back of the classroom and the teacher won’t say shit
by Bipolar trash November 02, 2019
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A bunch of pussy faggots who are financially carried by their parents, and who will eventually marry within the family. These fuckboys will eventually go to a division 1 college, get pointless degree, and end up taking over their father's company. Their lives will go on to be pointless and no worth living for. At the age of forty they'll have 2 kids, a wife that looks nothing like when they married her, and a raging compassion for alcohol. Eventually they'll take one too many pills and die a cowards death.
Friend 1: Need money for gas
Friend 2: Nah, my dads got it. I go to Gulf Coast High School remember
*Calls dad*
Friend 2: Dad can I have some gas money
Dad: Yea, it'll cost you one anal bruising

Friend 2: Okay dad, thanks
by Dip spittin dan September 07, 2016
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the best high school in the state of Florida. Kicks Navarre's ass at everything.
Gulf Breeze kicked Navarres ass last night
by Bob February 16, 2004
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A shit hole full of douchebags, assholes, whores, lesbians, and wannabe gangsters with loving and supportive families. No one likes it there, but they don't realize how much better it is there than almost anywhere in Florida. It's an A school, but for some reason everyone makes it seem like an F school. Half the people can't figure out how to use their own brain, so they decide to cheat and copy off the smartest kid in the room. Pretty much anyone over the age of 16 has a car because almost everyone has rich parents that are most likely doctors, that they take advantage of and disrespect. Most of the teachers there are respectful to the students, and the students decide to treat them like complete shit for no reason. Also I hate Ivy.
Random guy: You go to Gulf Breeze High School?
Breezer: Yeah, why?
Random guy: Fuck you.
by God42069666 April 27, 2020
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