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Verb: To Gulch -

When a man shoves his dick down a chicks throat, and right at the point of deepest penetration, busts. This in effect causes the chick to vomit up the dick (note, the chick does not simply vomit, she specifically vomits the dick out of her throat) causing the most splendid sensation for the man.
Jackson: Yo man did you have fun last night with that one bitch?
Guilhem: Yee son she gulched my dick so hard i still have gulch juice up in my pubes.
Jackson: Niiiiiice, gulching feels fucking bomb!
by Gulchmaster 3000 March 16, 2010
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The feeling when food has blocked your throat and you cannot breath and need something to wash it down with.
Hey James give me your coke im gulching.
by chrisM77 December 01, 2007
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