A word derived from the expressions used in Jersey Shore such as "grenade" "bomb" and "tank". It is used to describe when an ugly ass girl starts to like you due to unintentionally giving her the wrong message by being too nice, friendly etc... A very unwanted situation indeed. The name is derived from the fact that like an actual guided missile the girl starts to follow you around, flirt with you etc.
*to le ugly girl*

Joe: (unassuming) "Hey I like your hair today!"

Caitylin: "Oh thank you ;)"

*Joe now has a guided missile*
by al3jandro November 17, 2011
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When a girl's giving you head, and right before you come, you take your dick out of her mouth, tunnel your hand around the head of your penis and plaster her nose.
If it works right, she won't be able to smell for weeks.
by bigtones January 13, 2005
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1.Signature sound of the game Microman, a powerup
2.Missiles that have a homing device or controls to guide them to a target
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US made missles that home in on orphanages and baby food factories that occasionally hit hospitals
Man. I have never laughed so hard as I did when CNN showed pictures of the blown up peoples grieving families. All sad 'n' shit, slappin themselves about just because another guided missile found its target. Luck they were arabs or someone might get upset.
by Sick F*ck August 10, 2003
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A form of assisted masturbation for a female during which she grabs her male partner's index finger (he may retract the other fingers of that hand into a fist) and uses it to penetrate herself and rub her clitoris for as long as is necessary for her to cum. It is crucial that the male partner be entirely passive, except for keeping his finger rigid and straight, in the form of a missile. A variant of the guided missile is the full first strike, which entails the use of 3 or more fingers.
After an hour of eating her out without success, I suggested a guided missile, which finally got her off.
by SaniElet March 26, 2021
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