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Guerlina is a very intelligent female who like to laugh , slack off , and have fun. She don’t care what coming for her because she know that she can finish the job she is a very hard working female who want to achieve her goals she is a very beautiful female who is a good listener she is good at making others happy and mad she can be a little annoying but she good at making other happy or a smile on their face she is a female of god. If things going ruff on her or she think something going to happen badly she be on her knees praying even if she in class or bought to take a test she pray first. She is good at music dance and math her schedule is very full she don’t even time for herself because she trying to achieve her goal to have a good future, others have secret crush on her because they know she going to shut them out because she focusing on dancing playing music and school , in the future she will have a good loyal and handsome boyfriend/Husband and an good life. She is also a good person to hang with don’t forget that
John : bro guess what

Jamal : what

John : I like this girl guerlina

Jamal : of course you do
by Blue 💚 July 01, 2018
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You are a pretty , smart girl who like to laugh and have fun. You don’t care what other people say because you are you , you do things yourself and try your very hardest to achieve it . You attract boys who is loyal and smart and would want to stay with you forever.
by Blue 💚 June 16, 2018
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