A word used instead of “good” or “ok”. Many hipsters whohave taken this fashion brand and turned it into a saying and more like a word then a company.
-Life is Gucci
-It’s all Gucci
by Gucci_whajsjdcncifdj December 01, 2017
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a word people use to describe something thats good or cool/ describe when something is sorted
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A stupid ass iFunny user who thinks he's funny because he reposts hate and post nudes ruining his chance to ever become a CIA agent. Also has a micropenis.
by ImUnderaged November 02, 2016
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The most annoying fucking word ever. Often used by black people and the Hitbox streamer BrittanyVenti which is the most stupid and annoying streamer ever. Gucci means Awesome, Cool, Swag, and other words used to describe something in a good way. Gucci is just one of the annoying words like Swag, Yolo, and Rekt, used by twelvies and black people.
Person 1: Yo your shoes are so gucci
Person 2: Yeah i know, i got them yesterday, SO GUCCI.
Person 3: I hope you two burn in eternal agony deep in hell
by JihadiDaddy October 10, 2015
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a world faggots use to describe something that is cool and/or nice. some people use it to describe a object that they like and want to have/buy. they guys that use this typically wear white sunglasses and are hockey boys. Along with this word typically comes the word "BURR" which has no known meaning.
Guy 1: "Yo, check this hat"
Guy 2: "Man that's so GUCCI"

Guy 1: thinks(faggot) "uh alright"
by soccerlovah August 19, 2011
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