The treaty signed in 1848 that brought an end to the Mexican American War. This treaty liquidated the Mexican Empire, which was forced to give up 60% of its territory.

Texas, Alta California, and Arizona were ceded to America. America was also given partial control over a part of Panama, where it intended to build a canal.

British Honduras (now Belize) and Mosquito Coast (now parts of Nicaragua and Honduras) were ceded back to the British Empire, who had previously lost those territories to Mexico.

Parts of Northern Mexico were put into the sphere of influence of America and Napoleon's France.

Mexico recognized the independence of Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, and Yucatan.

Mexico recognized British sphere of influence over the Yucatan state, and recognized American influence over the remaining independent states.

Mexico was forced to demilitarize its northern provinces.

America, France, and Britain were permitted to have armies in Mexico city.
The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo took down the Mexican Empire. Mexico later refused terms of the treaty and took up arms again, which ended the French and American spheres of influence over Mexico, recognized full Mexican sovereignty over Yucatan, and revoked all limitations on the Mexican military. The second treaty restored Mexican territorial integrity, whilst still leaving Central America dominated by the British and Americans.
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