The act of grinding and hustling at the same time.
Hey bro, you wanna go out for drinks tonight.

Sorry bro, tonight I'm grustling.
by From *memes August 31, 2021
Hey homie, did you see those two guys grustling?!?

I sure did!!
by B33rbelly February 25, 2022
a verb formed from the words grind and hustle meaning to put in work or constant effort against harsh opposition.

Also a noun as in "the grustle" -- i.e. the rat race, the daily grind.
How are things going?

"I'm on the grustle."


"grustling, son."
by diego del sol August 17, 2007
grind + hustle = grustle
"I'm on my grustle."
by mikey star March 24, 2007
Sigma grind-hustle
Tom: Yo, have you seen? Lewis has really been on a sigma grustle to get his GCSEs.
by TransponderSnail January 18, 2022
Grind + Hustle = Grustle
Romello is always on the grustle
Romello is grustling in new world.
by BALMY December 29, 2022
Adjective used to describe a manly-ass voice, a voice so manly you can actually visualize the vein-throbbing mass of muscle emitting from those precious precious vocal chords.
Yo dude, YaSushi’s voice is so grustled”
by The real nasa April 24, 2020