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When you bake the bread from your girlfriends yeast infection and get cheese from your dick cheese. Afterwards grill it with butter for 10 minutes
Me and my girlfriend finally made grill cheese yesterday
by DaChef69 March 08, 2019
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Old shriveled vagina of an elderly woman that has become mushed and grinded throughout numerous years of viscious sexual intercourse.
Grandma's funbox has turned to grill cheese after 67 years of being treated like a piece of meat.
by Alledged Necropheliac June 24, 2004
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Vagina that oozes when opens, fairly loose, not lovely to eat despite the title of a delicious cheese delicacy sandwich. Usually an old lady has a grill cheese however, anyone can especially sluts involved in enormous amounts of vigorous sex.
by Michael Powerszzzz March 04, 2011
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