When you bake the bread from your girlfriends yeast infection and get cheese from your dick cheese. Afterwards grill it with butter for 10 minutes
Me and my girlfriend finally made grill cheese yesterday
by DaChef69 March 8, 2019
Vagina that oozes when opens, fairly loose, not lovely to eat despite the title of a delicious cheese delicacy sandwich. Usually an old lady has a grill cheese however, anyone can especially sluts involved in enormous amounts of vigorous sex.
by Michael Powerszzzz March 5, 2011
A sandwich consisting of two pieces of bread, generally white, lightly toasted, and a piece of melty cheese, usually American or Cheddar, placed between them. Highly tasty.
I love grilled cheese sandwiches.
by 'Annony' June 1, 2005
When a guy pulls out and finishes between your butt cheeks, then proceeds to squeeze the cheeks together and watches as he slowly lets them spread apart, as if they were two pieces of bread with melted cheese dripping out.
Amy enjoys playing womens water polo to wash off the Grilled Cheese from the night before.
by LorPau December 3, 2008
Any situation in which a man's ejaculate resembles the "cheese" between any two "bread-like" objects as with a grilled cheese sandwich, especially when slowly pulled apart.
"Man, that wet dream wouldn't have been so awkward had I not been naked and had to get a spatula to peel my sheet from my mattress. I grilled cheese-d that shit. Just like Mom used to make."
by erkslbrg February 28, 2010
"The Grilled Cheese" is when a women has thick vaginal secretions between her labia, which when peeled apart resembles the peeling apart of the two pieces of bread on a grilled cheese sandwich. "The Grilled Cheese" is not to be confused with the edible, grilled cheese sandwich.
Uh honey, I might need some turpentine to thin this out cause you got a solid case of The Grilled Cheese.
by crazyjoey August 6, 2008
Blue Balls for girls. When a guy teases a girl and her va-jay-jay becomes the consistency of the inside of a freshly-made grilled cheese sandwich.
1: So Andrew, what were you talking to Nicole about?
1: Oh nothing, just giving her the good 'ole grilled cheese.
by LikeAManBearPig June 10, 2010