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AWW YAHH, I just got paid so i'm rollin' with a wad of green queens and I'm ready to paint the town!
by Empress R December 13, 2007
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An obnoxiously impossible troll -like woman, who is hard to please, overly cynical, dramatic, self centered, bitchy, and cruel.

Usually, this woman will stir drama of all kinds and then point fingers and blame other people, upset other people's lives, abuse the internet, gossip, trash talk, intentionally hurt others for her own personal gain and amusement, bully and insult other people, judge everyone and everything and then proceed to perceive she is above everyone and everything.

She can often be seen strutting around in typical drama queen fashion, as if she is some kind of Goddess who deserve to be up on a pedestal. All too often, people feel the need to coddle, and baby these women, because sometimes, that will quiet them down long enough for everyone else to get some peace and quiet.

At the root of this woman's attitude problem and poor social skills, is nothing more than resentment, LOW SELF ESTEEM, ignorance, and above all else: JEALOUSY (thus the reference to the color 'green')

In short, this QUEEN'S favorite color is GREEN.
"Don't pay any attention to Jane. She's just another pathetic, cold hearted, shell of a human being, and... a big time Green Queen."
by urbandictionarywords January 17, 2006
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