The act of urinating in a females vagina
a girl wanted me to perform a great i did
by Great lakes September 22, 2014
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A midwest hottie.

Tall, Blonde Michigan or Ohio girl.
I've got a date with a Great Lakes Barbie tonight.
by Mrs. Meow March 31, 2010
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when you gizz on a girls chest after a bj, causing it to run down and look like the great lakes.
I was supposed to go to work, but I was to busy "mapping the great lakes" on my chick.
by B*rad August 10, 2007
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While receiving head, the recipient of the act uses the middle finger to finger the ear of the giver while they perform oral sex.
I was going to give her the fish hook, but I elected for the Great Lakes Bobber instead!
by Jbb223 February 2, 2014
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A beer brewery located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA
I had a Great Lakes Brewing Company beer yesterday with my coworker.

My dad drinks beer from the Great Lakes Brewing Company
by E da machine September 3, 2008
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