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Home of the pharmacy, where you can buy shit weed in the bathroom and get beat up by the stoners that deal it. And plenty of people go to rehab because apparently peer pressure is real. Where you can spot hoes every two feet along the hallway. Where the only people who get beat up are the dudes who everyone mentally punches because of their douchey self-righteousness, and we laugh about it because we can. A place where you can't bend over without someone making an ass joke, and without people making trips to five below to get padded underwear for these jokes to be made on their behalf. For tons of stupid ass valley kids getting slutty and going down on the guys who want a blowjob, and uncomfortable grinds and a rough handjobs are just around the corner. And if the guys weren't horny enough, the girls who lack self confidence will choke and throw up on their dick for a compliment. The bathrooms, where the ground is always wet and messy, and people leave their throw up in the toilet. And last but certainly not least, one of the best high schools in Pennsylvania.
I went to great valley high school and now I'm fucked up for life. And the people who I went with pretend to be ghetto even though they're from Malvern.
by That hilarious mofo April 11, 2016
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