Easy as fuck. Pretty much given to you. In the trades, refers to a very easy job with a good hourly wage.
Justin: Man you see those people flipping the slow/stop signs?
Tyler: yeah no shit
Justin: that’s gravy af they’re makin 24$/h
Tyler that’s ridiculous, we make less and work 4x as hard. That’s gravy af
Justin: no shot all city workers are pussy’s that do nothing and have gravy jobs.
by Jwendles October 10, 2019
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1) (Noun) A sauce made from meat/vegetable juices.

2) (Adj) Another word for good/well/great

3) (Noun) Term for a man's spunk. (NOT to be used in past tense)
Dude pass the gravy!

Guy 1: Oh sorry man!
Guy 2: It's all gravy!

3) (Quoted from the broski code)
"No fornication in a Broski's bed, or you will be forced to wash the sheets yourself. This includes comforter, sheets, and everything else on the aforementioned bed that has been tainted by another's man gravy."
by Sir Hillington March 28, 2013
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Person Barrows A Pen

Person: Thanks for lending me your pen
Guy:It's All Gravy
by TheSmartOne97 July 2, 2011
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A street word that means everything is better then okey !
by inabit December 30, 2008
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A term used by Italians instead of spaghetti sauce, or sauce even tho the rest of the civilized world calls it sauce, the Italians will argue that it is gravy. It should be noted that the vast majority of these people believe Rocky Balboa was a real person.
Can you please pass the spaghetti sauce Vito?

Vito: it’s not sauce...it’s gravy!
by D. Rogich (Doodles) November 28, 2019
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it's a way of saying something is good.

for people who like to use unconventional ways of speaking.
Ella: Hey Justina, how're you?

Justina: I'm Gravy man! What about you Homz

Ella: Man i'm Gravy

Justina: kool
by Just Tina January 20, 2011
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