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a latin name that means beautiful and truly they are. Girls with that name are overally sensitive, intellecutal, and of principle. They are the least hypocrite people you will ever meet in life, and that gets them in trouble. Yet, they go un-noticed all the time. People like to take advantage of them for no reason.
Hey, I went over to this girl today Justina
by laura johnson November 10, 2007
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Justina's are the purest of the pure and have the voices of angels. Their dazzling looks attract attention everywhere they go, they cant help it. They are amongst the most loyal people you will ever meet and some of the most humurous too. They will also be good guardians as they care about people. They Everyone know's a Justina.

They breed everywhere ;)

*paparazi take pictures*
by !Haroon! August 04, 2009
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Justinas are smart and beautiful girls with huge apetites for food and beautiful jewelery. Very loyal, Justinas are the cutest of the cute with a bum bum to match. If you can, avoid looking directly into a Justina's face, the cuteness will most definately blind you.
1. Damn! You almost as cute as a Justina!

2. Man! I thought i saw a Justina but aint nothin that cute.

3. I wish my girl was a Justina.
by Woolfman February 03, 2010
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This girl is AMAZING, she has dark hair and green eyes and she is BREATHTAKING! She always cares for everybody and she doesn't lie, (She's not very good at it even if she tried) She tends to think shes good at A LOT of things. She is super skinny but says she's fat, she claims to be heartless, and always depressed. She will be your best friend forever, but if you hurt her she will hate you for eternity.
Friend: "OMG Justina is amazing!"
Ex That Cheated On Her: "I want her back but she won't talk to meeee"
by NoSuchThingAsToManyHorses July 14, 2018
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small and is not tall
she like an ant but ain't the queen
she is the elf of ur group
and is like a 4
Justina ain't tall
by A-MONEY101 May 16, 2019
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