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The belief that sex is the dominant force in a society. Grantism celebrates sex with no inhibitions. Sex is celebrated as much as possible, while still keeping it hallowed. Extremes in Grantism include going so far as to whoring ones self out on a daily basis. The norms in Grantism are comments and jokes of the sexual nature. Grantism does not advocate the acts of bestiality; However, incest is still tolerated to date. In Grantism, the human body is a wonderous thing and should be shared. Prostitutes are highly respected in Grantism.
Blake: "Why must you be so dirty minded all the time?"

Brittany: "I'm not dirty minded; I believe in Grantism."
by Alana Hearts March 01, 2011
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A word so gravenly misspelled that even an autospellchecker can not hazard a guess as to what would it should be and hence changes the word into something with a meaning completely different from what it was meant to be.
jim: "shame its not in london, would have been awesome to go bowling wearing a dressing gown, getting drunk on white rushings whilst complaining about how much that rug really tied the room together"

cobob: "white rushings?"

Jim: "and thats white russians btw, sorry for the grantism."
by Eldude August 15, 2007
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