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When one excessively complains about simple and minor things, such as videogames, sports, or any form of minor imperfection, such as a fuzzy television screen or perhaps an out of place pixel.
He claimed the baseball game was set up, and I had to listen to him granting about it all night.
by Jacob Harman June 17, 2008
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Camping in Call of Duty; the most annoying type of player is a granter.
Friend 1: DUDE!!! I just got killed again!
Friend 2: Yea, that kid was granting!
by rjnman March 21, 2010
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To regurgitate a statement, whether word or phrase, or copy exactly what someone has said or done in the last few minutes. This is used in a serious attempt to be included in the conversation or activity in which the granter actually has no part of and/or can not contribute to due to a lack of intellect that many in the group perceive to be stupidity or obnoxiousness. Granting can also include using a phrase or word one too many times, in which afterwards, creates an awkward tension amongst friends and foes alike.
Example 1 of granting a person
Person in group: "Fuarkk man, I'm so sore from my gym sesh bra."
Grantie: "Haha, you big, pansy girl. How's your vagina?"
Everyone in group laughs
Granter: "Haha, you big, pansy girl. How's your vagina?"
Group goes silent.

Example 2 of granting a phrase/word
Person 1: Fuaarrkk!!
Everyone laughs
Person 2: Fuaarrrkkkkk!!!
Everyone laughs
Person 3: Fuuuuaaarrrkkkk!!!!
Everyone laughs
Granter: FUUARKKK!!!
Everyone silent
by MotherFuckaJones November 29, 2011
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granting (verb) other forms: grant, granted,

to completely exaggerate something to the point where everyone just rolls their eyes and pretends to listen. Adds over excessive emphasis to a story to make it sound interesting when it really is just a bore. Usually used in a negative manner. Someone who grants is a very annoying person.
John: i swear the fish was 3 times my size
Jim: stop granting john
by mssWHAT May 24, 2011
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when a person (the granter) is super quick with another and is extremely perturbed by someone asking them a simple question. they (the granter) usually interupts the first person before they even get their question out. then they (the granter) immediately try and degrade the first person.
Example #1:

A Dad asking his son a question because the Dad is interested in what his son did at school today-

Dad (intended question): Hi Grant How was your school day?
Dad (actual attemped question): Hi Grant How was .....?

TheGranter (with "granting" behavior): No Dad! Stop asking me questions! I'm, tired, sick, hungary, hate you, you're stupid and you're bothering me, you alway do this so leave me alone, etc.

Example #2:

A Dad asking his son about why he didn't eat his breakfast because the Dad is concered about his son's health and welfare-

Dad (intended question): Grant, you didn't finish the nice breakfast I made for you. What's wrong?

Dad (actual attemped question): Grant, you...

TheGranter (with "granting" behavior): Stop it Dad! I hate this food. It makes me sick. I've never liked it. You just do this to make me upset. I hate you.
by Grant'sDad March 29, 2010
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When a group of friends is enjoying smoking pot and one person decides to hold the joint/bowl while talking your ear off about a random story that nobody gives a shit about.
Jimmy and Steve were smoking a joint steve kept holding the joint and letting it burn out, "Steve, quit Granting the joint and pass that shit."
by ATM BITCH! July 10, 2008
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