When one excessively complains about simple and minor things, such as videogames, sports, or any form of minor imperfection, such as a fuzzy television screen or perhaps an out of place pixel.
He claimed the baseball game was set up, and I had to listen to him granting about it all night.
by Jacob Harman June 18, 2008
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Camping in Call of Duty; the most annoying type of player is a granter.
Friend 1: DUDE!!! I just got killed again!
Friend 2: Yea, that kid was granting!
by rjnman March 22, 2010
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To regurgitate a statement, whether word or phrase, or copy exactly what someone has said or done in the last few minutes. This is used in a serious attempt to be included in the conversation or activity in which the granter actually has no part of and/or can not contribute to due to a lack of intellect that many in the group perceive to be stupidity or obnoxiousness. Granting can also include using a phrase or word one too many times, in which afterwards, creates an awkward tension amongst friends and foes alike.
Example 1 of granting a person
Person in group: "Fuarkk man, I'm so sore from my gym sesh bra."
Grantie: "Haha, you big, pansy girl. How's your vagina?"
Everyone in group laughs
Granter: "Haha, you big, pansy girl. How's your vagina?"
Group goes silent.

Example 2 of granting a phrase/word
Person 1: Fuaarrkk!!
Everyone laughs
Person 2: Fuaarrrkkkkk!!!
Everyone laughs
Person 3: Fuuuuaaarrrkkkk!!!!
Everyone laughs
Granter: FUUARKKK!!!
Everyone silent
by MotherFuckaJones November 29, 2011
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granting (verb) other forms: grant, granted,

to completely exaggerate something to the point where everyone just rolls their eyes and pretends to listen. Adds over excessive emphasis to a story to make it sound interesting when it really is just a bore. Usually used in a negative manner. Someone who grants is a very annoying person.
John: i swear the fish was 3 times my size
Jim: stop granting john
by mssWHAT May 25, 2011
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When a group of friends is enjoying smoking pot and one person decides to hold the joint/bowl while talking your ear off about a random story that nobody gives a shit about.
Jimmy and Steve were smoking a joint steve kept holding the joint and letting it burn out, "Steve, quit Granting the joint and pass that shit."
by ATM BITCH! July 11, 2008
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Grant is the kind of guy that seems shy and quiet, but when you get to know him, he's loud and outgoing. He's funny and charming. Grant is a great friend, he's supportive, funny, crazy, sweet and awesome.
"Do you know Grant?"
"Grant? Oh that guy, he's really quiet."
"You're joking!"
"Um.. No I'm not."
"He is the loudest person I know."
by that_one_chicken October 25, 2013
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A skinwalker who is often followed around by a small man. He lacks in physical strength but makes up for it with his immense speed reaching up to 150mph.
Friend 1: That guy just consumed the flesh of an elderly woman
Friend 2: Grant moment
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