A person (male or female) who enjoys hiking, canoeing and other outdoors-y things. They often can be seen drinking out of a Camelbak, wearing tie-dye, wearing Chacos, and eating trail mix. They're the type of people you see hiking in the mountains of the United States or backpacking across other countries for long periods of time.
My sister is a professional camp counselor. She runs the hiking classes-- she is such a granola girl.
by BRoyce September 2, 2013
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Granola girl is like a nature girl, but far hotter and actually about that life. She will ask if you wanna go camping in the middle of winter and be serious about it. Did I mention she’s really hot?
That girl asked me out last week but said she’d only go if we went hiking… serious granola girl vibes. Still gonna go though because she’s hot as hell.
by Yondilly February 1, 2022
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A totally obnoxious type of girl who’s only personality trait is being a vegan hippie. Would be seen in a mismatched outfit with messy hair and no makeup. Their natural habitat is Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods and likes to take hikes.
Girl #1: What is Jessica wearing?
Girl #2: She’s a granola girl, she doesn’t know how to dress.
by maddieb543 January 19, 2020
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Modern hippy woman minus the heroin and STD's. Socially aware and active with a penchant for hemp and sodium-free soap. May eat tofu for breakfast and sweeten food with agave syrup. Is determined to save the world.
You know you're granola when you strap your five thousand dollar bike to your five hundred dollar car and vote for Ralph Nader.

Hey, was that Sarah in the SUV?

No way, man, she's a granola girl!
by Phylipswiller May 17, 2007
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A girl who doesn't wear a bit of makeup, has a very low-maintenance appearance, dresses in mainly earth tone colors and the clothing is very casual (even in more formal occasions). She will also wear comfort footwear such as Birkenstock or Jesus sandals. Looks very bland - like granola.
granola girl
by Cin895655 October 13, 2013
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