A rapidly rising star in the world of music that is showing that there is good music out there.

Its name implies that it is the "grandaddy" of something, as some people would say that Doom is the grandaddy of first person shooter games for example.
Grandaddy did the best show on new year's eve.
by The KGB March 15, 2004
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Grandaddy Purps is a purple marijuana strain hailing from the west coast. It is an extremely potent strain and is often used my medicinal users. Smoke responsibly!!!
"that grandaddy purps got tears in my eyes"
by LVilleBlazin July 29, 2006
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a bong named after a slight misconception of words involving a grandaddy longlegs spider.
While sitting in a circle in the mountains smoking a bong at night:
"Holy shit! A Grandaddy longlegs!"
"What? I didn't know u called one of those things a grandaddy bonglegs."
by Sarah Carpenter August 11, 2006
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Highly potent marijuana with purple hairs. It is also quite expensive but provides you with an excellent high.
Man, I just smoked a pound o' dat grandaddy purp, it was some of da best shit I ever smoked.
by budsmoka4lyfe November 14, 2007
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Granddaddy MF lolo... that's the guy who can just get yo girl pregnant by just looking at her. He smart but yet he the type of person to drown a fish. He spiritually enlightened but has moments where he wants to slap the hell out of you. and he yo granddaddy
her: babe i think im pregnant
him; how
Grandaddy lolo; I looked at her bruh
by HappyFart4 November 29, 2017
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A grandaddy joint is a marijuana cigarette produced during times of desperation, made of many already-smoked spliff ends or roaches from previous smoking sessions. It is called a grandaddy because it is an old ass decrepit and sour joint reminiscent of the smell of elderly people, these spliffs are particularly difficult to inhale and are almost unenjoyable to smoke.

Grandaddy ingredients may include the following: weed, hash, stale tobacco, dust, keef, dead skin flakes, and any other dirty ashtray contents.
"Man got so fukn low on weed the other night i smoked a grandaddy joint with my grandad, was so stale it almost killed him"

"you know times are tough when you don't even have endies for a grandaddy"
by Thumbiwa August 13, 2018
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Ken's Grandaddy Purple, is a highly potent and extremely more rare strain of Grandaddy Purple, made
by taking the base genetics of Grandaddy Purple and recrossing them to recreate the strain from scratch. Contrary to what is written above it's genetics are Dutch passion Lavender #1 and Original Big Bud (which despite it's shwaggy reputation, is actually very potent when it is not overbread.) Both were grown from Amsterdam seed stock and crossed to recreate fresh genetics. The difference between the standard grandaddy and the much more stinky and resinous Ken's is that the Ken's is only a few generations from the original mother stock. Where as the clones floating around the club can be hundreds or even thousands of generations down the road. It is also called "OG GRANDADDY" because it is the strain in it's original glory. It is not a cross of OG KUSH AND GRANDADDY PURPLE as people will try to tell you. The strain was kept under wraps by a small inner circle of medicinal growers for many years, but has begun to surface as clones in several clubs in the Northern California, Bay Area
"Oh shit, is that the Ken's?"

"Man that OG grandaddy is off the hook"

"throw some of that OG GDP down on this here blunt"

"Ken's Grandaddy Purple aka OG Grandaddy."
by TickiTimebomb May 25, 2007
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