In internet forums, they are the homos who thwart arguments not with logic or intelligence but by pointing out mistakes in spelling or syntax. When this happens, the original post preceding the edited quote, no matter the quality of the conceptual content, or how good of an argument is made, is apparently rendered useless and pointless, for having a simple grammatical error. What the grammar nazis (who should more correctly be termed grammar fags) don't realize, is that it is their role as an editor in a conversation in an informal writing environment that is useless. Even the greatest writers make mistakes now and then--stay off the internet.

They are very similar to the internet troll.
That grammar nazi, or excuse me, grammar fag, just edited the grammar in my post. Wow I didn't realize I was so bad at arguing.
by American Observer January 18, 2006
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A grammar-Nazi is a person who is anal retentive about the use of words, improper spelling of words, and when and where there should be commas, apostrophes, and what not. They are the geeks of literature and think they are the guardians of language. They proclaim themselves to be some of the most intelligent beings 'proven' by the fact that 'people with higher vocabularies and proper spelling have average higher IQ scores' and other unfounded proclamations.

It is known that some of the most genius men in history were poor spellers. In fact, Albert Einstein was such a horrible speller, he was thought to be mentally retarded early in his life. Anyone who has ever been around a mathematician, physicist, or engineer can usually attest to their bad note-taking, improper use of punctuation, and poor spelling. Yet, these people are responsible for flying us across the oceans, putting people and satellites into space to power your phones, TV's, and what-not's.

There are several types of intelligence a human can exuberate. Social scientist Howard Gardner has determined through much research that there are essentially 8 different types of intelligence where a person may excel, so how can someone be more intelligent based solely on the fact they can spell better?
Person 1: "Are we to dumb to read now adays is that why news is in videos now"
Grammar-nazi " "Are we TOO dumb to read NOWADAYS? Is this why most news is in video format now?" haha fixed, I'm way better than you. I have a higher intelligence than everyone else because I can correct spelling and grammar!"
Person 1: "Who cares faggot, you need to get laid."
by Achilles9x February 22, 2012
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Definition one: Somebody whose either losing an argument and needs to create a diversion.

Definition Two: Somebody who has the analytical and decrypting skills of an autistic 6 year old who cannot recognize a routinely based word if it even has a liiitle typo or misplacement that anybody with a brain would so easily recognize. This person is often impossible to communicate with due to the need to spell every single thing perfectly or else they will get confused due to their poor description and analytical skills. Everything taught to them after grade 1 fades out of their mind in no more than 2 minutes. Talking to them is like talking to a wall.
Example one:
Reasonable Human Being 1: wtf you got your dick stuck in a bench and cut it off to escape from it?! ur stupid bro! rlly stupid!
Grammar Nazi : Learn to spell before you call me stupid!
Reasonable Human Being 1: Aha! So you tried to change the topic to grammar because there's no way you can provide a reasonable response to what I have said! You sir are a typicl Grammar Nazi!
Grammar Nazi: Typical*
Reasonable Human Being: Shut up you have no dick. Literally you have no dick you cut it off and this is why you're resorting to being a Grammar Nazi!
*Grammar Nazi blocks the Comprehensible Human being because he/she has no good comebacks*

Example two:

Comprehensible Human Being: why is it that you stare blankly into space for 18 hours a day while chewing on your shirt?
Grammar Nazi: What the hell do you even speak English? Your grammar is atrocious!
Comprehensible Human Being: Any autistic child would be able to recognize what I have just typed....
Grammar Nazi: Oh my god! You put 4 dots! I have no idea what you're trying to say! Learn to speak English please!
Comprehensible Human Being: If your mother dyed her hair black would you still recognize her?
Grammar Nazi: No of course not! Who would be able to recognize such an enormous change?
Comprehensible Human Being: Ah OK I think it's settled. You're just plain retarded.
*Grammar Nazi is chewing shirt while bug eyed*
Comprehensible Human Being: I rest my case.
by Comprehensible Human Being October 22, 2013
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A person so obsessed with grammar that they will go out of their way to correct you.
Fb post: i really shouldnt have done that
Comment: *I really shouldn't have done that.
Reply: really??? correcting my fb posts???
Comment: *Really, you are correcting my facebook posts?
Reply: what are you, a grammar nazi???
by redd menace January 19, 2013
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A persobn who surfs the internet correct people's mis-spellings, and grammatical errors.
"Recieve?!?!?!?!? It's "RECEIVE" you dipshit! "I" before "E" except after "C"! - a true statement by a grammar nazi.
by ben-m June 14, 2007
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An idiot.
1) Someone who is too stupid to think of a reasoned response to any argument so resorts to attacking someone's grammar and spelling instead.

2) Someone who has failed to grasp that forums are not in fact English essays. Language has always varied according to context, just as we use different types of words in a job interview compared to with our mates.

3) Usually in English forums monolingual native English speakers who utterly FAIL do to the fact that 60% of times they are criticizing someone who is using English as a second language at a far higher standard than the grammar nazi would ever be able to use a second language themselves. 30% of remaining cases the person they are talking to is native English but is dyslexic or 10 years younger. And all 100% of times the person being criticized has much better things to do with their time than correct their every spelling mistake. In either case the grammar nazi fails!

4) Someone unable to figure out the difference between intelligence and correct grammar and spelling.
1) erm.. I don't understand. Brain hurt. Damn why do I have to be so stupid? Oh well- let's just insult his grammar and I'll feel intelligent again.

2)Grammar Nazi"You didn't cite your references or write a proper conclusion- you can get an F for that essay"
Normal Person"erm... Lol it's not an essay its a forum post!!!"
Grammar Nazi"eh? I'm confused? Where am I? Who am I?"

3)Grammar Nazi "You use 'their' not 'there' DUMBASS!"
Janic : Sorry my English isn't up to your standards. My native language is Czech so maybe we should switch to using Czech. As you suggest you are more intelligent than me due to my lack of English logically you must be able to speak fluent Czech as well."
Grammar Nazi "oh... erm... errr" FAIL

4)Grammar Nazi "Your arguments are invalid as you lack the intelligence to use apostrophes correctly"
Philosopher: "Hmmm... Intelligence... what really IS intelligence? In our culture we have learnt to.... (intelligent discussion of intelligence)
(Grammar Nazi's head explodes at this point)
by Lagn November 28, 2009
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Someone that points out the most slightest grammar or spelling mistake. The most innocent of people can briefly turn into something so low called a grammar nazi. They evolve when insecurity in heated arguments arise when a fault with one of the opponents spelling or grammar must be pointed out as an utter write-off excuse. A grammar comeback isn't a diss or even an ownage on any sort of level to begin with despite how well placed it could be. It's one of the worst cop out excuses of a finish/settlement driven by people that make it even more pathetic when "umadbro?'s" (angry people) use it over "the internetz" (the internet). Just from the fact that society accepts improper grammar this day and age for example a movie that might be called "I spie with my little i" makes grammar comebacks an automatic backfire period.
User 1- "How can the next xbox go a blu-ray drive if Sony is Microsofts compititor idiot?"

User 2- "*facepalm* so the xbox original must be reading off your moms cooch from hand-me-downs that used the same thing. How did that work? Your grammar is just as bad as how badly you missed the "e" in competitor.

User 1- Umadbro? I feel pretty owned um..but...since you turned into a grammar nazi at the end I don't feel so owned anymore as you pretty much voided EVERYTHING for being so low.
by oOKingJayOo October 15, 2012
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