A literate on a bad day. Usually found when said literate is in an irritable mood, or has dealt with too much illiteracy in a given time period.

When a literate is in Grammar Nazi mode, they are usually found correcting all sorts of typos & grammar and/or punctuation errors.
She was being a Grammar Nazi, correcting each & everyone one of his mistakes.
by Morava March 07, 2007
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an elitist who gets off on correcting others' grammar and spelling because it makes him feel superior.

grammar nazis often misidentify grammar as the primary determinant of one's intelligence and the most important element of expression.

this belief stems from the grammar nazi's insecurity, which leads him to learn the simplest thing in the whole fucking world to learn and impose it on others, earning self-gratification in the process. realizing how easy but effective it is, the nazi continues this ego masturbation until he can no longer separate the truth from the lie: grammar's not that important, no one gives a shit, and no one likes you.

grammar nazis don't realize that in actuality, grammar is too ambiguous to have a rigid standard, and that though basic grammar is necessary, most grammar rules are not, and can restrict good expression.
Shakespeare: What a piece of work is man! how noble in reason! how infinite in faculty!

grammar nazi: Speak in complete sentences.

Shakespeare: the ability to communicate both colorfully and effectively is way more admirable then perfect grammar so stop sucking Webster's dick, you grammar nazi.
by jjsdfkakfadk January 11, 2008
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A person who corrects people's spelling/grammar mistakes on the internet.
Person 1: Their so gay.

grammarnazi: You're using the wrong form of they're. You are supposed to use they're, which is a contraction of they are.

by grammar nazi is wrong! April 01, 2010
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A person who has mastered the art of speaking the English language. They are best known for going on social media and constantly correcting the incorrect usage of other users, and are almost universally hated by everyone. An occasional correction does not signify a Grammar Nazi, that title is earned after months of corrections.

KEEP IN MIND: Many people who are corrected by a Grammar Nazi really need the public shame because they've put too many poorly-written statuses on their social media accounts, and the Grammar Nazi should be hailed as a hero. If the person in question is clearly not a native English speaker, then the Grammar Nazi is the villain
Guy: Grammar Nazis mean us no harm. There simply helping us hone our grammar skills.
Grammar Nazi: *They're
Guy: My mistake. Thank you.
by The most intelligent human November 16, 2016
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An upstanding member of the Third Reich who believes people should be threatened with internment in a concentration camp if there communication skills aren't perfect... Wait! I was just kidding! Please don't take me away!!! Heil Webst...
GN1) That Arschloch over they're should be sent to Auschwitz!

GN2) Did you just...

GN1) How dare you question a fellow grammar nazi!

GN2) Too late, mein Herr. Heil Webster! Grammatik macht frei!
by Urban Merriam March 26, 2010
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A person who uses proper English, proofreads papers for fun, and gernerally corrects everyone's improper grammar. This person feels very ashamed when he or she is caught making such errors and corrects himself/herself often. It should be noted that a Grammar Nazi simply wants to help others and does not correct others out of arrogance.
In journalism class, many preferred going to the Grammar Nazi for help over going to the teacher.
by Tromp September 03, 2007
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