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Expression of frustration used by Amy Chi. Amalgamation of GRRRR and AHHH.
"Assman is so gay! GRAAAAH"
by srbradbury March 17, 2005
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a special greeting used on the internet. can also be sued to show frustration later in the conversation
Guy - grah
guy2 - grah2j00
guy - wanna come over
guy2 - can't
guy - grah
by Nirvana21 October 29, 2006
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It's a name of a swedish dude with incredibly bad breath. also, he's got 8 toes and one leg is 3 inches shorter than the other.
Hey, what's that smell?
-It's Grähs.
by evilTimmie October 12, 2011
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buy the domain for your foodie vlog
The female version of the term "Brah"

Used to greet any chill chicks
Grah- Here brah, i bought you a taco.

Brah- Wow, thanks grah.
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A term generally used by Miss Rosie, the defintion of which i've not quite been able to fathom. I think it's simply a noise, possibly to indicate anger
"I know I'm stupid. Grah."
by LordBlunkey June 13, 2004
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another word for queef
Type "Queef" in look up section and you will find Graham Browne
Yo G-Rah!
(Yo Queef!)
by Anonymous February 23, 2003
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