A show with contestants and judges who contradict the title every single second the show's on the air.
Why do David Hasslehoff and Sharon Osbourne get to decide who's talented and who's untalented on America's Got Talent?
by dilary huff August 19, 2007
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An American TV show based purely on the hardships contestants have faced throughout there lives and not on talent whatsoever. The Judges of the show not only lack The ability to judge true talent, but are not actually Americans themselves.
This is "America's Got Talent"

Judge: "What are you going to do today?"
Contestant: Whistle "Happy Birthday" (starts whistling)
Judge: "I don't think your cut out for the show"
Contestant: "I have terminal cancer"
Judge: "what an emotional story, it's a yes for me"
by TexasChase July 18, 2010
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A piece-of-shit "talent" competition where people only vote for singers, dancers, and children who give sob-stories because they have a disease but have no skill at all.

Since the 3rd season, the ONLY successful acts have been those listed above. These assholes have killed a show with such a good concept and proves that America only likes generic, dry, boring singers/dancers that. for some reason, couldn't audition for "American Idol", "America's best Dance Crew" or "So You Think You Can Dance". Unique, fresh, exciting acts don't stand a chance.

Also, two of the three judges are currently English. Nice "American" show you got there
Bob: Did Harmonica Pierre get through on America's Got Talent?

John: No, instead, a kid that sounds like Kermit the Frog made it because he said he had Autism. Two guys that sing and another that dances also made it.

Bob: (Sarcasm) Wow, I've never seen those before. This is such a "unique" and "versatile" competition. (/sarcasm) Man, the show has gone down the drain since the Terry Fator won....
by Fuck AGT August 19, 2010
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A "reality-based" gameshow where Americans, desperate to live their so-called "dreams" by winning a million dollars and becoming professional entertainers, perform in numerous rounds of competition in which they are judged by two non-Americans and a comedian with no discernable real talent. Contestants are kept on or rejected by popular vote regardless of merit or the judging panel's opinions.
Host: "Welcome to America's Got Talent! Piers, you didn't like this act... but America has voted.. and... WE'LL SEE YOU IN LAS VEGAS!!!"
by Humwriter September 6, 2011
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An absolute shit hole where some judges fuck around and pick the same 3 acts every time which includes Dancers, Singers, and Some kid with a disability or a sob story who has absolutely no real talent at all.
Person 1: Did you see America's got talent?
Person 2: Why would I want brain aids?
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