when someone dissappears of the face of the earth, and doesn't call his friends.
What about Yuval? He Got Fat.
by Ben Klinger September 28, 2007
The easiest way to destroy someone’s reputation in a sarcastic manner after telling their life story.
Joe Biden won the presidency. Then he got fat and died.
by confused cajun man January 22, 2021
Used to drop, or change the subject at hand.
"Yo man did you get with that girl last night"

"Hey man fat got fingered"
by Chris is Weeiiiid February 16, 2005
When a conversation sucks and you just want to walk away or change to topic
"My aunt was cleaning her trunk and her cat was eating some wiskas..."

"Yea, fat got fingered"


by Kortstreetsackwak March 6, 2006