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It's another way of winning an argument.
When you get gospelled it means that you've just lost an argument when the person who won uses 100% clean language.
If you want to gospel someone, you have to keep your cool when having an arguement and just state the facts and hit them hard without using bad language.
It mainly works on people who thinks that they always win arguments, it's a nice way to shut them sippy people up.
Guy 1: This girl is annoying me like hell man, talking bout her girlfriend like I care and I just met her.

Guy 2: Just gospel her man, you know you don't want to give her a bad impression. Keep the language clean!

Guy 1: Yeah, that's what I'm gunna do!

*Day After*

Guy 1: Yo man, she took it lightly and I gospelled her ass.

Guy 2: I told you bro!
by Bayleybeats August 24, 2011
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