The “Reverse Gorbachev” is a facial ejaculate anywhere above the eyebrows on a bald Sinéad O’Connor / G.I. Jane type female.
After the Energy Commission show this bald chick was giving me a B.J. then I finished off by giving her a Reverse Gorbachev!
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A variation of the dirty appache. When you finger a girl who is on the rag and you get your fingers bloody and then rub your hands together and smack her on the forehead to leave a print like Michael Gorbachev.
My girl was on the rag so I gave her a dirty gorbachev!!
by kdasa September 03, 2006
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When an unconscious person's head is shaved, someone ejaculates on the person's head. The ejaculation is the mixed with red food coloring giving the appearance of the crimson birthmark on the top of his/her bald head of the former leader of the Soviet Union.
Rocko gave Natasha a Mikhail Gorbachev after she had too much vodka!
by Jesus420 June 29, 2006
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Gorbachev's Law, also referred as Law of Soviet Union Collapse, is the idea that any attempt to Perestroika like reformism or gradually changing like on Perestroika will lead into the collapse of a government or even into the dissolution of the country itself or, in the best case, lead into a radical change in the country without collapse the country nor the government. Furthermore, the Gorbachev's Law is the idea that if someone want to gradually change their beliefs in a Perestroika like way, will eventually lead into a completely rupture of the former beliefs and get new beliefs, the term was created to reffer to several esoteric atheists who gradually reformed from full esoteric into full atheists by supporting and even sharing atheist ideas on social media, even the opposite can also happen.
"Gorbachev's Law is really common on social media as well, it's not hard to see that on left-wing politgram and even in the right-wing politgram, and even in the classic example that originated this law, esoteric people on social media becoming atheist because of atheist pression and sharing atheist content on social media."
by Full Monteirism March 25, 2021
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The Son of Mikhail
Gorbachev and plastic enjoyer.
Gunk like plastic.

Gunk Gorbachev proffesional water stroker
by TheLittleBean19 September 16, 2021
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An artistic finishing move during Oral Sex. As the male is about ejaculate he takes his penis out of his partner's mouth and ejaculates all over her (Or, I guess, his...) forehead. The resulting blotch is named for the birthmark on the forehead and scalp of former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.
Toby: "So dude, did you fuck her?"
Shane: "Naw man, she just gave me head, so I finished off with The Mikhail Gorbachev on the bitch's forehead and sang the Russian National Anthem!"
Toby: "That's an awful lot of set up for such a lame punch line..."
Shane: "Yeah...."
by Nicholas Bernard October 11, 2006
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A Russain dictator named after the action done when any good Nazi sees Adolf Hitler at a McDonald's.
Guy 1: I bet you dont know where the name "mikhail gorbachev" came from.
Guy 2: Yeah it's the Russian form of Michael.
Guy 1: Thats not what I heard on Urban Dictionary!
Guy 2: Who the hell searches for mikhail gorbachev on Urban Dictionary?
by Dental malpractizzle May 21, 2006
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