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Nigger, Please! A phrase used occasionally by an affluent wealthy couple of 100 years (or so) ago wanting to purchase an african-american slave at the market.
Lady Catswold: "Oh Reginald, look at this one!"
Reginald: "Oh yes he's got such fine teeth! Very strapping too."
Lady Catswold: Reginald, w-we could breed him with Mammy!"
Reginald: "Oh yes, quite! Pardon me, good sir?"
Slave Wrangler Cletus: "Uh? What?"
Reginald: "Oh! Over here! Nigger Please."
by Nicholas Bernard November 15, 2006
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An artistic finishing move during Oral Sex. As the male is about ejaculate he takes his penis out of his partner's mouth and ejaculates all over her (Or, I guess, his...) forehead. The resulting blotch is named for the birthmark on the forehead and scalp of former Soviet leader, Mikhail Gorbachev.
Toby: "So dude, did you fuck her?"
Shane: "Naw man, she just gave me head, so I finished off with The Mikhail Gorbachev on the bitch's forehead and sang the Russian National Anthem!"
Toby: "That's an awful lot of set up for such a lame punch line..."
Shane: "Yeah...."
by Nicholas Bernard October 12, 2006
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