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After enjoying a few rounds of Grey Goose, you find yourself needing to use the pooper. (At this time you will most likely be rather drunk.)
Once you get to the pooper, however, you've been deceived as you will realize you've be sitting for a countless period of time trying to rid yourself of this horrible feeling. What you've come to realize is that the nasty grey goose has dropped off a couple babies and you end up leaving the jon, unsatisfied.
"Dood, I just had the worst goose poop"
"Easy on the goose bro, you don't wanna get goose poopies"
by M Boa February 01, 2009
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An alcoholic shot consisting of Grey Goose vodka and Jaegermiester. Tastes the way goose poop does.
Hey man, take this shot. "EWWWW it tastes like goose poop!" yeah dude. We're so cool.
by steelnip April 03, 2008
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The acting of busting a nut (excrementing Semen) on a females chest.
"yo man that was some straight up Goosepoop shit!" This can be taken in more than one way. This quote can be referred to as two people talking about a porno where a man busted his load on a hott females breasts. Yet it can also be talking about something thats really cool. as in "that beat was straight up Goosepoop!" ie, off the chain.
by Iridescent Exposure December 10, 2007
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