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A variation of the word goo. Many people who play "World of Goo" substitute every use of the word goo with goor.
by Piercey13 January 08, 2011
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An awesome name for Vodka. Pronounced: "Gooh-rrr"
Based on the Smirfnoff Storm advertisement where Boris introduces us to his homeboy Goor.
Thabani: "Eh man, Shorty is stressing me out..."
Kagiso: "Dude, want some Goor?"
Thabani: "What are we going to do with all this apple juice?"
Kagiso: "Um, mix it with Goor?"
Thabani: "Who was the 45th vice-president of the USA?"
Kagiso: "Al Goor?"
by Kagiso Khaole April 17, 2008
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(adj)-where one good thing is offset by a poor thing

(n.) - a state of being niether good or poor in emotion

Man 1: How was your blind date?
Man 2. Dog, she was goor! She had good tits but a poor ass.

Woman 1: How do you feel about the statistics class?
Woman 2: Goor. For every good score on a homework assignment, I get a poor test grade. I don't know how to feel.
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