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A drink containing Goor, fresh apple juice and some lime cordial. The term is taken from the Smirnoff Ice Ad where Uri introduces us to his "homeboy (pronounced gomeboy) Goor".
Kagiso: "Aah dude, I can't make a gomeboy with that!"
Wonga: "It's apple flavour..."
Kagiso: "Yeah, apple flavoured drank, look at it, it's green!"
Musa: "Yes Wonga, listen to the man. Gomeboys must be made from the purest apple juice."
Wonga: "Dude, wtf is juice?"
by Kagiso Khaole April 21, 2008

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An awesome name for Vodka. Pronounced: "Gooh-rrr"
Based on the Smirfnoff Storm advertisement where Boris introduces us to his homeboy Goor.
Thabani: "Eh man, Shorty is stressing me out..."
Kagiso: "Dude, want some Goor?"
Thabani: "What are we going to do with all this apple juice?"
Kagiso: "Um, mix it with Goor?"
Thabani: "Who was the 45th vice-president of the USA?"
Kagiso: "Al Goor?"
by Kagiso Khaole April 17, 2008

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