Teenage boy who cannot get an erection due to upsetting circumstances previously, no matter how sexually attractive the female is.
Person 1:You're such a goog, you couldnt even get hard.
Person 2:Hey its not my fault, she was crying before we tried.
Person 1:I dont care if she was crying or not, shes really hot.
Person 2:screw you
Person 1:To bad you couldnt get hard to do so
Person 2:Whatever
Person 1:Goog.
by Trippie420Hippie December 09, 2009
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The universal word that can be used for anything; common to the Signal Mountain, Tennessee, region, esp. Signal Mountain High School
Ben and BJ were caught googin behind the stairs the other day.

What the goog are you talking about?

Get the goog off of me!

What the goog are these googins doing?

Joe stop googin off!

If you don't googin stop, i'm going to be googed!

Do you expect me to goog this?
by googins4lyfe January 07, 2011
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(googz), slang for Google
1. Noun. A World-Wide Web search engine, that indexes the greatest amount of webpages www.google.com

2. Verb. To search for something using the internet, specifically the Google search engine.
Guy: Why do buhginas smell like tuna?
Gal: I don't know, googs it.
by A Guy Named Gal March 31, 2005
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